Thousand Sunny Team - Help

I am a bit new to Pokemon in competitive play but ever since I had seen Charizard Y's Drought ability I was thinking of running a team using Water/Leaf/Fire as core with maybe Charizard Y, Venusaur, and Greninja.

Obviously Sunny Day will assist Charizard Y with fire stabs, and Venusaur with Synthesis and Solar Beam, and ,although I don't know the full extent of how this ability works, I was considering using Hidden Power on Greninja to stab a fire type attack, granted ofcourse I have the perfect IVs to pull of a fire attack.

I was really hoping to get some helpful feedback on whether to scrap this idea because of reasons x, y, and z or instead continue looking into it with other pokemon such as a, b, and c etc.etc.

As mentioned I am new to competitive Pokemon so I thought I might as those who know more, you all!

Thanks for the future feedback and your time! :]

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